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Some years ago Yendi Philips accompanied then boyfriend Chino Mcgregor to a paternity/child support hearing for baby peighton, a child he allegedly fathered with his ex. I had bumped into the post on one of my many visits to the JMNG BLOG, the women were livid that Yendi had her nose up in business that had nothing to do with her. Me, on the other hand in my naivete saw her decision to accompany her man as a means of support.
Fast Forward four years later, i logged into facebook one morning and was greeted by a newspaper heading : Yendi Philips takes Chino to court for Child Support.
The first thought that came to my mind was...Didn't Yendi accompany this said man to a similar hearing for his other child some years ago.
I chuckled.
A dog would be a dog, regardless of the owner.
This memory played over and over on the flashback of my mind as i seated myself in the court room.
I glanced over at Deandre, decked out in a black suede desert clark's boots, a tight fitting 'cut up' Jeans pants and a plaid button down shirt. His Samsung Active 5 laid across his lap with a blue kerchief and a Calvin Klein wallet, i knew that wallet, i gave it to him.
The only thing we had in common that day was that we both sported corn rows.
I had decided to attend my baby's Declaration of Paternity hearing without any sew in weaves, for by all indications, i could not afford to do my hair.
Deandre thought he was scheming, well i was the mother of all calculations.
Our eyes met, he cut his eyes at me followed by a lazy smile.
He was enjoying this, he'd finally got some form of reaction out of me.
No doubt by day end, he would spin some tale to bring home to his fervent cheerleaders.
I gave him six months to man up his responsibilities.
In those six months, he went about his life as if our baby did not exist.
I would not force him to be a father, i could not, i just wanted to set the record straight, for he had continued to disown my child and i would have none of it. Not anymore.
He had shared his paternal concern with anyone who had ears to hear.
I was told he labelled me as:
"Wicked gyal"
"How he hated me and wanted nothing to do with me"
"How because a me him no have no house ah no big van"
"How him no sure pickney a fe him"
I smiled to myself as the judge read out the proceedings.
A relative of his told me that he said that i was wicked to him, hence he was being wicked to me.
Deandre did not know anything about wickedness.
I should sue him for slander and defamation of character.
I did a mental calculations of the boxes of huggies diapers i bought and the many Lins Home Center receipts i had tucked away in my drawer.
Ultrasound Receipts
Doctor Beharie Visits and prescriptions.
Blood test receipts.
Clothing and baby paraphernalia.
Let us sum it all up and file a suit for recompensation.
Deandre knew nothing of wickedness.
I could hurt him where he'd feel it the most.
His pocket.
I would show him wickedness.

It was true. Deandre was a real run of the mouth. When it came to fuckery, Deandre had diarrhea of the buccal cavity. He just kept running his mouth and pure shit coming out.
Just as he filled his new gal head with feaces, that crab brain bitch styled me as "crazy gyal on the loose!"
She is the one who is gonna go crazy when she discover that Deandre have a bunch a babies he aint taking care of and that will be after he impregnates her of course.
She ago mad when she find out by mode of catching an STD, that Deandre a ride bout six odda gyal wid har.
If she knew what i knew about him, she would keep her ass shut. Literally.
For they gwine tie down her ass down a land bottom wid two big chain and rope when Deandre nyam out her likkle money and left her go to him white gal a fahrin.
Fava Ediot.
Me haffi wonder if a so me did look fool to.

Every Man Deserves A Good Jacket II: Babydaddy Series (Bouncing Baby Book 2)

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