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I overheard Mommy talking one afternoon about Nick, when the cool December breeze called for long sleeves and wondered if Mommy secretly had a crush on Girlie's boyfriend. Mommy boasted to her sister, a few neighbours and best friend on how Nick was such a nice young man.
Mommy said while cutting up Callaloo.
"if Girlie go outta door fe piss?"
"Nick deh behind a har!"
"A neva see one bwoy love one gyal so!"
"The Girlie she can hangle him rough!"
"Sometimes me haffi seh no Girlie!"
"Don't do that!"
"Don't say that!"
"Yuh must deal wid the man bettah than that!"
Elva chuckled. Elva was Mommy's elder sister. She lived in another district about a kilometre away. Mommy and Elva were worlds apart for while Mommy was pacific, Elva was as Girlie described 'brawling and fiesty' despite being a big missionary in the Methodist church. Some days when Lion fought Mommy and 'buss up' her face. Elva would come sailing across the common, pumping her blue bicycle with the handles turned inwards. Her long, roomy skirt barely above her knees and her sharp, oval, brown eyes blazing with fury. Lion at the sight of the heifer on wheels would jump astride his bicyle and pedal away on the opposite side of the common as Auntie Elva hurled obscenities at him.

Nuh Luck Wid Man

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